Amiigo up-close & in Color


To date, we’ve shipped devices to over 2/3rds of our indiegogo backers. Shipping began earlier this year and the devices have been trickling out slowly.  After having completed more than 40 molding trials, we achieved a satisfactory yield. Last month we shipped devices to over 2,000 backers.

Meanwhile we’ve been listening to early users for feedback on comfort, size, function and general wearability.

1-2% of devices from this most recent push have had issues with battery reliability right out of the gates. This is a result of 3.5 metric tons of force being applied to the electronics during the final step of the assembly process, the overmolding process.  While the inside of the sensor housing is reinforced with an extremely durable potting material, the battery and sensors, in some cases, can degrade in both capacity and reliability.  Many of these devices are filtered out in the QA process, and we’ve been quick to replace any existing devices that do not function properly.

In preparation for mass production, and after on-going design and process iterations we arrived at a solution that resolves remaining reliability and yield issues and incorporates the majority of the feedback we’ve received.image

This new design and assembly represent no change in the electronics or sensor carriage assembly but enable us to create a more comfortable wristband. Due to the feedback from a select group of users who have worn these devices, we’ve transitioned to this new design immediately. The electronics, as seen below, are removable and can be used in any color or sized band


In order to complete indiegogo orders and begin fulfilling orders placed in May, we’re waiting on a small, hard plastic piece we’ve designed that prevents the electronics from disengaging from the band when not in use. Currently, when worn, the pressure from the wrist secures the sensor housing inside the shell of the wristband.  The wristband also has grooves that hook into the ends of the sensor housing.  The small, hard plastic piece discussed above increases the strength of the bond between the band and the sensor housing so that even when the device is mishandled, the sensor housing stays in place.  


We’re committed to doing what we can for those who have yet to receive their devices. If you are an indiegogo backer, and want to start tracking now, instead of waiting for this last ‘locking’ piece, let us know at and we’ll get your band in the mail today.  The ‘locking’ piece will be complete by the 25th. 


While much of this update covers the hardware progress, there is an equally if not more substantial amount of progress to share on the software side. We’ll save this for it’s own post shortly. 

Over the last couple months we’ve been working on a refreshed version of amiigo. The new look is a result of a slightly altered final assembly process, which enhances reliability and has a great new look that we couldn’t wait to share with you. All those who backed in May or later will be receiving these new devices, and will have the option to select a color. We’ll be back with a timeline in the next few days, along with an update to your confirmation page that will allow you to select your color. Thanks! image

Hey Folks - The manufacturing team is preparing the next shipment of devices - all remaining indiegogo perks.  We expect to receive them before October 5th. Charcoals will ship first, and colors will immediately follow (navy, mint, red and then white). We will fulfill all indiegogo orders with this shipment and will also begin shipping to other backers who pre-ordered in May.  All of the mediums from indiegogo have been delivered (with a small percentage still en-route). For those of you who recently received devices, be sure to glance over the set up guide found at and see the image below as a reference for proper charging position. As always, thanks for the support!


Hey Folks,

For those following closely, we’ve been in the press lately.  The most recent review ended with this statement: ‘the Amiigo tracker truly stands out due to its ability to not only accurately track different exercises, but also because of its enormous potential to use the workout data to generate meaningful health reports’.  

We’re grateful to those of you who have helped us get to this point, with a truly unique product. We began with the future in mind, and we’re just getting started realizing amiigos full potential..  A huge thanks to all our backers.  

We’ve completed the mediums on order for indiegogo backers, and have begun the larges and smalls. Devices will ship in the order they were placed, indiegogo backers first.  The manufacturing team has begun assembling the smalls and larges.  Once they have been assembled and pass a series of tests, the wristbands will be paired with a shoe clip and charger and sent off to the fulfillment house. We’ll update you next week with the status report as the larges/smalls begin the end of the process.

Software continues to be a focus. We’ll be posting new apps to the app store later this week, which will bring increased stability and responsiveness. We’re testing firmware that extends the wristbands battery life significantly, and, of course, new biometric data.  

Thanks again for the support and involvement in making amiigo truly unique.

Stable manufacturing process & shipping a couple thousand devices.

We’re picking up steam, with increased excitement. Over the past two weeks, we’ve proven a stable manufacturing process with reliable and consistent results. We’ve resolved all the previous manufacturing challenges. The medium charcoals have been completed and the larges/smalls are underway. 

If your indiegogo ‘perk’ was a medium charcoal(black), you will receive your device in this shipment. The devices are being packaged and sent to the fulfillment house and then will be shipped out to you!

We will be sending out a shipment confirmation email to those who will be receiving them.  We’ll have more info on the colored devices next week, along with a few other announcements.  Stay tuned! 

Quick Update:

The momentum is building as we continue through production this week. The process has stabilized and the yields are up. We’re going to be completing the remaining medium charcoals for our indiegogo backers as expected in the next few days. We’ll be reviewing the process and testing the devices early next week.  We plan to ship them to the states mid-week and then off to you(indiegogo backers). Next up are the smalls/larges and new orders.  

Those of you who have your devices or who are next in line, be sure to check out the set up guide at

Shipping Update

Hey Folks:

We’re going to finish the last phase of assembly by the end of next week on the medium size charcoal wristbands(indiegogo orders). We’ll then ship them to the warehouse where they will be prepped and shipped out to you!  We will email you when your deivces ship.  This also means that we will finally begin smalls/larges and then begin fulfilling new orders.  Yields are on this batch of about 2500 are proving to be very high, which means we can move quickly.  This news finally has the manufacturing team in good spirits :). Attached is the sizing guide to ensure you’ve got the right size, and no, it is not too late to switch.  

We’ve also got a couple of new updates coming into the apps very soon, with support for more activities, better battery life, and more data! Thanks for the support, patience and feedback! image

New Exercise Tracking Pages, Sleep metrics + Production

First things first - production is still ongoing.  The first shipment of charcoals was shipped to the states, as anticipated, and the next wave of backers will receive their Amiigos next week.  At today’s pace, we’re assembling ~200-250 units per day.  We’re monitoring the fragile assembly process and increasing output as the process stabilizes.  We expect shipments to continue going out weekly until the charcoals are completed. Currently, we’re assembling the medium sized wristbands. Once complete, we’ll move on to the smalls/larges.  We are shipping to both international and stateside backers. 

We’re also adding new, dedicated tracking pages/metrics in the apps for running, cycling and swimming.  This app update also includes enhanced sleep tracking metrics.  For those of you who have devices and are being notified that your amiigo is on its way, ensure that you have the latest version of the app, which we’re updating frequently.  We love hearing feedback from those who have devices, and continue to improve the software and apps, in effort to build the most personalized wearable technology available, enabling users to track ‘their favorite activity’.  Thanks again for the feedback and support, we love hearing from you!

Hey Backers,

Production is underway, and as mentioned previously, the yields are up to ideal levels.  We expect to complete all the charcoals in this production run.  The devices will begin shipping to the states this weekend and we will be sending out email notifications confirming your device is on its way.  Also, for those who do have the devices already, be sure to download the latest apps in the app store and play store.  Thanks!

Hey Folks - 
We’re starting production in this weekend. As you know, two of the technologies we use during our assembly process have a give-and-take relationship. We’ve found the sweet spot and are gearing up for the next push.  We hope to complete the charcoals in this run. The first devices will take roughly 5 days to complete once we begin, at which point we will get them in the mail(the indiegogo orders). Thanks for the support. Have a great weekend!

Hi All

Just updating on recent progress.. In addition to the early bird perks (which stateside backers will receive this week, and backers abroad sometime next week) we were hoping to ship another 1k sets of devices to backers this week. Unfortunately we’re seeing that ~50% of the wristband accelerometers show symptoms of ‘stiction’(wikipedia breaks it down nicely). This is an elusive problem that only manifests itself under certain circumstances, making it difficult to find. We’ve made a few changes from the last production run, and have another small batch of Amiigos headed our way this week. We expect to have test results to share with you late this weekend. We’ll continue to work around the clock in an attempt to get your perks out as soon as possible. Thank you all for cheering us on and for continuing to support the vision of a full body, multi-device tracking system!

Can Amiigo Track My ______ ?

We’ve loved all the questions lately, regarding exactly what Amiigo can track. We’ve had folks ask about nearly everything - from Horseback Riding to Badminton to Water Hockey. 

The Amiigo system is the first to classify complex activities. As many might remember, a few months back we decided to open up system and let YOU choose what Amiigo tracks….

In “workout” mode, Amiigo will track a wide variety of resistance and cardio activities. You do not need to ‘upload an activity’ in order for it to be tracked, as long as it is repetitious and continuous.. Amiigo will find all activity regions and their reps, duration, form, consistency, speed and calories. 

However, if you do choose to upload activities beforehand, Amiigo will also attempt to name each activity region and of course, track the details. See the image below, which shows what you might expect to see in the app if you perform an activity that has been ‘uploaded’ prior to the workout, and what you’ll see if you perform an activity that was not ‘uploaded’. 

Samples of the activities that Amiigo tracks are:

Kettle Bell Swings
Standing Shoulder Press 
Shoulder Shrugs
Calf Raises
Shoulder raises 
Dumbbell straight arm pullover 
Dumbbell Hammer Curls 
Dumbbell sumo squat 
Dumbbell flies 
Dumbbell front squat 
Dumbbell overhead press 
Dumbbell curls 
Bench press 
Bent over dumbbell rows 
Hamstring curls 
Hanging knee raises 
Jumping jacks 
Lat pulldown 
Leg press 
Military press 

Stair Stepper

..the list goes on.

Most resistance machines work very well with Amiigo too, because the way you perform the activity is often fluid and repeatable. In order to successfully upload an activity, you must complete 15+ “clean” reps or 30 seconds worth of movement for cardio based activities. The more you teach Amiigo, the smarter it becomes. The list of activities that Amiigo supports is growing by the day - thanks to the users we have now and their feedback. We can’t wait to see where we can take this with your help. We’ll leave it to you to find the limits, and we’ll do our best to overcome them.

Now its our turn.. what will you use Amiigo to track?

The first Amiigos are here in the California. We plan to get the devices in the mail next week. The first batch will ship to the early birds from the indiegogo campaign. Expect an email notifying you that your device is on its way if you are part of this group. We’re going to continue production overseas next week and will do everything we can to get the remaining Amiigos out as quickly as possible.

As you know, Amiigo can be used to track a wide variety of activities, including a lot of exercises often performed in the gym, spanning from machines to free weights. To shed more light on what Amiigo can track, we will post a ‘reference’ list of supported activities in the next few days. We’ll be back soon with more. Thanks!

Hey All- The much anticipated build is nearly complete and the wristbands will begin shipping out of Asia tonight. Once received in California, we will pair the wristbands with a shoe clip & charger and prepare them for their final destinations. We plan to ship first units to the ‘early birds’ and then continue through all the remaining backers from indiegogo as efficiently as possible… We can’t wait to get these devices out into the wild. We’re so excited to get your feedback and are thrilled to have come so far… thank you all for your support. We are committed to pioneering the first multi-device tracking experience and can’t wait to begin sharing it with you!

A Few FAQ’s and More on the Manufacturing Front:

Some of the top questions we’re seeing come in are:

When can I pre-order?

Those who have reserved their spot in line at will get invites shortly after the first early birds ship(see below for a more specific timeframe).

What phones are compatible with Amiigo?

iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and newer iPads and iPods.  Regarding Android support - the phones/tablets we’re testing on and seeing reliable connectivity with are: Nexus 5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Note III, Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1 (tablet), HTC One, Moto-X many other Motorola Droid phones.  We’re continuing to see more support from the handset manufacturers, and will continue to provide insight on any other phones with stable BLE support, which we anticipate to be the majority of Android phones with 4.3 that are BLE compatible.  

Will you have an open API / SDK?

Yes, we plan to release our SDK for Linux geeks shortly after launch. iOS and Android SDKs will follow. We will also make our API available to developers in the spring and begin integration with a few health and fitness related apps.

What do I do if I changed my address or  haven’t selected my size{indiegogo backers}?

We’ll be sending out an email reminding those who have not viewed their order info to review it and make any needed changes.  For those of you who need to update your info or would like to review your order now, please go here:  

We’ve spent the last couple weeks living with the first Amiigos, focused on QA. In particular, we’ve been monitoring the data quality in all of our sensors. Our software requires a high level of precision from the sensors in both devices and in a recent trial we noticed an issue in the data generated by many of the accelerometers in the shoe clips.. It was a minor issue that has now been resolved.  We’ll be in Asia through next week to assist the assembly team in testing  the early bird devices as they come off the tools before shipping.  We’ll then begin shipping the ‘early birds’… finally!  We expect to begin shipping the ‘early bird’ devices in 2 weeks and will begin shipping the remaining units at the end of the month.  When the early birds ship, we will open up orders for the 2nd batch.  We’ll be posting another update while overseas.  Stay tuned and thanks again!